Thursday, September 9, 2004

In researching my husband's family in Simcoe County, references are made to one being buried in FLANDERS FIELDS, another was a MASTER MARINER (I would assume on the Great Lakes), and the third, at one time drove on the WASSAGA STAYNOR STAGECOACH. Any suggestions on how to proceed on the above information. Thank you.

From Shelley: Your relation that was a Master Mariner, could have been the Captain of a ship or ferry. Wasaga is on the shores of Georgian Bay, and not far from Collingwood. Collingwood was a ship building town, unfortunately they no longer build ships there. Stayner is south of Collingwood and south west of Wasaga Beach. You could try either posting the information on one of the numerous free genealogy sites. Post under the surname or the areas that have to do with your queries. Good luck.

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