Friday, September 24, 1999

Were unmarried women allowed to own property and hold mortgages in Ontario in 1865?

From MJ Smith -- I know that when my husband's grandfather died in the 1900 hundreds, the property that he owned had to be put into their son's name and the reason we have been given was that a women could not own property at that time! Maybe you could check the local municipality in regards to when this changed!? Some help i hope!!

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Where did the Loyalists settle in Ontario?

Loyalists, like most new settlers, settled wherever land was available. Primary areas of settlement were along the St. Lawrence River and the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Large settlements of Loyalists can be found in the areas of extending East from Northumberland County to Quebec, and in the counties of Haldimand, Norfolk, Lincoln and Welland.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

My mothers uncle went to Canada with the Salvation Army when he was about 14yrs old. He was born in 1879 in Marylebone, London. How can I find when he arrived in Canada. He lived in Ontario and Winnipeg to my knowledge.

The Salvation Army has records and they will assist with the search. You can contact them at:
Salvation Army
The Director, Family Tracing Services
105 - 109 Judd Street, Kings Cross
London, WC1H 9TS
(From Marj Kohli)

Where can i find information about a gt.uncle who emigrated to canada in the 1920's. He lived in Toronto and worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The Canadian Pacific Railway has an archives in Montreal and they will send you records for employees. I received my grandfathers records from them.
Canadian Pacific Limited
Windsor Station
P.O. Box 6042, Station A
Montreal, PQ H3C 3E4
Archivist is Stephen Lyons [514-395-6962]
(From Marj Kohli)

Passenger lists at the National Archives are now indexed between 1925-1935. The database is is now available online at the National Archives site. Follow this link or go to and click on ArchiviaNet, and look for it on the list of databases. Earlier records are in the process of being indexed, but it may be some time before they're ready. Also there is info available on railway employees - Althea Douglas has a guide book entitled "Canadian Railway Records: A Guide for Genealogists". (From Suzanne Schaller)