Tuesday, April 25, 2000

What connection did the loyalists have with the American Revolution?

The American Revolution began in 1775 when several British colonies in America (USA) declared independence from Britain. The term Loyalist was coined when some individuals chose to remain loyal to Britain or chose to fight for/with Britain. So their connection would be with the British side of the Revolution.

Sunday, April 16, 2000

Can you send me an application to apply for a birth certificate?

Birth certificates can be ordered from Ontario.ca. There however you could order only a birth certificate for yourself or your child(ren). If seeking ancestral birth information you should be seeking birth registrations. Certificates are issued by the government based on registrations, cost a fee and require that you provide proof you are the person in question, their parent/guardian, have power of attorney, or can provide proof of death and proof you are next-of-kin.

Registrations are released for public viewing after 92 years and can be obtained worldwide either from Ontario Archives, LDS Family History Centres, or through an Ancestry subscription.

I remember seeing a form on the web that you could order to receive information about individuals living in Ontario. The questionaire was done in the 1940s and included the name of each person in the home as well as their parents name and place of birth. Any help you could supply would be appreciated.

Information about the National Registration of 1940 can be found at Global Genealogy

Thursday, April 13, 2000

Where was the first bank located?

In Toronto. For more see Bank of Upper Canada. The first bank in Canada was located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

How do I locate an individual after 1901?

The same as you would prior to 1901. See Research By Year.

Where should I look for Robert. E. Stephens father who was born in IRELAND? P.S. I don't have a www. adress but send reply to the A.G.S. in Edmonton Alberta CANADA. THANK-YOU.

Perhaps in Ireland? See Ireland GenWeb for information on research in Ireland. As you don't give any information about Robert or his father I can't give any suggestions on where you might look in Ontario, when & where is important! All replies to Q&A's are put on this website and not replied to via e-mail nor via snail mail.

In the US there is the Social Security Death Index, Does Canada have something similar?

Unfortunately, no. There is no Canadian equivalent to the Social Security Death Index.

Do you have a list of researchers that are availabe to US genealogists?

See the Association of Professional Genealogists website

I want to travel from Windsor to Brampton by car, need the root driving

Please try a website that gives this type of information (such as Yahoo or Google) - OntarioGenWeb is for genealogy (family history)

I have information that a female ancestor living in Grenville Co. was married in Quebec, but the time period was before 1792. I think she may have been married in Grenville Co. Apparently the commanding military officer of the time performed the marriage, to a captain. Can the military perform marriages when there were no clergy and were records kept?

[From anonymous] -- Yes, the Commander could have performed the marriage as he is a recognized authority in any area where there is a command post, particularly if this involves one of his officers. If a record exists for the marriage in question it would be in the collection of State papers related to the governing of Canada by British forces and would likely be obtainable wherever those papers are held in Britain. If you know the exact date and the Commander's name this will also help.