Wednesday, September 16, 1998

I know that my great grandmother was from a chippewa tribe in Ontario. How would I go about finding which one?

[From Cathy] You should apply to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada government department. They have a registry of all native Canadians which they are now updating. For more information about this service, please contact the IRS CIS project Sponsor at (819) 994-0951 or the IRS CIS Project Communication Leader at (819) 953-7846 or via e-mail at You can also go to this web page for more information:

I am trying to find the name of an Indian Reservation in Algoma District/County, on all the maps I have found it only listed as IR#8? My grandfather was born on the reservation and I would like to request his birth record.

[From Ang] -- Don't know if you're still looking into this but I dug around a little online and there seems to be a reservation called Michipicoten First Nation PO Box 1, Site 8 RR 1, Wawa, Ontario P0S 1K0 705-856-1993 or 1-888-303-7723 I couldn't find what reserve # they were but you might be able to contact them. The website address is:

Have used the index to war of 1812 war loss claims.(C-15720) Have found ancestor(s) listed in this card index with a reference number. Don't know what to do next. What resource does this reference number relate to?

[From Suzanne Schaller] -- C-15720 looks like a National Archives microfilm number. Have you tried looking at this film? Or, if the index is from the National ARchives (which I think it is), there should be info on what the reference number means, or else their reference department should be able to tell you. Hope this helps!

My ancestor in applying for land (& trying not to choke over the sugar melting in his mouth, apparetnly) reassures the council that he is not "affiliated with the Ryerson Faction" & other land petitions of family members refer also to "internal commotions"& "the MacKenzie Rebellion". What were these matters?

[From Suzanne Schaller] -- The MacKenzie Rebellion took place in 1837. See: The 1837 Rebellions and Rebellion of 1837 overview for more information. I'm not sure about the Ryerson Faction, but an online search might tell you something.

[From Leanne] -- The 1837 MacKenzie rebellion was instigated by William Lyon MacKenzie; earlier in his career as a reform politician, he'd been allied with Reverend Egerton Ryerson, a Methodist minister and moderate reformer. As MacKenzie's politics became more radical, he and Ryerson parted ways. Nevertheless, neither would have been greatly appreciated by the corrupt, conservative Tory regime in place at the time. So yes, the ancestor in question was definitely "sucking up" in order to be assured of a land grant LOL (nor do I blame him...that was something too important to fool around with).

The family's religion was indicated as Church of England. I don't find this religion as one that has records to search there in Ontario church records. Does it come under another church affiliation?

Yes, Anglican. OntarioGenWeb now has a Focus On: Religion page that lists this and other religious affiliations.

Where is the "Victoria Ward", Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

The Archives of Canada offers maps of census districts here: You can see where Victoria Ward, and other census wards are located by viewing the maps.

Do you know anything about "Immigrant Trains"? My ggrandfather took his family in the 1880s to Nebraska via the immigrant train.

In Ontario railway records are housed in the Archives of Ontario (RG11, Series N). There are lists of people who received assistance with train fares, and lists of internal railway passes issued to new immigrants. The AO website has extensive information, instructions and guides on how to access their holdings, not just railway records, but every record they have archived. See: The Collections at Archives of Ontario and Customer Service & Research Guides

Friday, September 11, 1998

Where can I get prison records from Mimico Reformatory in the 1950's?

Try the Archives of Ontario in the Preliminary Inventory of the Ministry of Correctional Services (RG20) area. There you can find jail files for inmates 1939-1957... also probation & parole files, adult & juvenile case files, records for industrial schools, jails, detention centres and industrial farms. There is a 30 year restriction on personal information and some files may be closed altogether.