Monday, April 26, 1999

How can I find the names of the United Empire Loyalists?

Two places -- The UELAC (United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada) and the Land Grant / Land Peitition microfilms. The UELAC documents all known UEL's by descendants who join the organization claiming to be descended from a UEL. You can learn more about the UELAC by visiting their website (see links ). Land Grant / Land Petition microfilms are copies of the actual petitions and grant used to get land in Ontario. Most UEL claimants would state their UEL status in their petition.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

I don't live in Canada. How can I do my Ontario research outside the country??

LDS Family History Centers are located worldwide. There you can order in Ontario microfilms and other research items to aid you in your search. Go to the LDS Web Site to discover the closest FHC.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

Is there a source for famine orphans, specifically those in indentured servitude where after a period of time (7 Years?) the individual was given land? Famine victim from Ireland o/a 1841-1846?

During that time period (actually from the last 1830's to the early 1900's) most immigrants were required to stop at an island in the St Lawrence river called Grosse Ile (part of the province of Quebec). During the famine period this quarantine island was their final resting place. Records of children orphaned on this island were well kept and can be found in several publications about this island. But being given land for indentured servitude is questionable. If the land was given by the person they were indentured to you may wish to check land records for transfer documents. I'm not aware of any program to provide famine orphans with free land. After 1826 Ontario limited free grants of land to Loyalist or Military/Militia claimants. Could try the petitions to Commissioner of Crown Lands of Ontario 1827-1756 [RG 1, Series C-I-1 at Archives of Ontario, MS 691.

Friday, April 16, 1999

I have an ancestor listed on the 1837 Toronto census as living in York County on "Yonge Street Road from Toll Gate to Montgomery's Tavern". Where can I locate what churches might have been in that particular area in 1837 and do any of them still exist?

You might want to check the book call Toronto Landmarks. It is available on film at your local LDS Family History Center, on the shelf at some public libraries, through inter-library loan, and the Ontario Archives. This book contains Toronto City Directories for 1836-37 and 1846-47 as well as a wealth of other info. The directories will list churches in the Young ST area at the time. Then go to the Church archives that will hold your record

In the 1861 Perth Co. Census the letters Wl are given as place of birth. What do they stand for?

Your WI should be the colony of British West Indies in the 1860's; if it had been current usage, it should be Wisconsin. The USA went to two letter abbreviations recently but I can't remember when. (Wisconsin used to be WIS)