Friday, April 16, 1999

I have an ancestor listed on the 1837 Toronto census as living in York County on "Yonge Street Road from Toll Gate to Montgomery's Tavern". Where can I locate what churches might have been in that particular area in 1837 and do any of them still exist?

You might want to check the book call Toronto Landmarks. It is available on film at your local LDS Family History Center, on the shelf at some public libraries, through inter-library loan, and the Ontario Archives. This book contains Toronto City Directories for 1836-37 and 1846-47 as well as a wealth of other info. The directories will list churches in the Young ST area at the time. Then go to the Church archives that will hold your record

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  1. Churches on Yonge Street between the tollgate and Montgomery's tavern in 1837 would be few and far between. The tollgate was in Yorkville (in the vicinity of Summerhill or Rosedale subway stations) and Montgomery's tavern was north of Eglinton. There were two villages: Davisville and Eglington (yes, it started with a "g" in it), both of which may have had small Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist congregations, but the Church of England did not have a church in that area at that time.


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