Wednesday, January 20, 1999

I would like information on the history and the location of the Buckley bank . my father as a young boy recalls visiting this bank on numberious occasions . It is believed that the bank was within the area that is now regional municipality of haldimand - norfolk

For this bank I would try the Regional reference room at the University of Western Ontario (located in London, Ontario); I would use city directories of the period to find its exact location at the time and then go after the prior land acquisition. Additionally, the Canadian Bankers Association (or its equivalent) might shed some light on this one.

I am searching for my g-g-aunt and think I found her in the 1871 census listed at Rockwood Lunatic Asylum. Is there anyplace I can write to find out if it is her and any info on her?

If this is a provincial hospital, the records are held in the Ontario Archives on Grenville St., Toronto. If it is a private facility, then I believe the records were not required to be kept much beyond 20 years, if that.

Saturday, January 9, 1999

I wish to write to the Dept of Nationa Defence regarding World War II records. What is their address? Thank you.

Personnel Records Unit
Researcher Servies Division
National Archives of Canada
Client Services & Communciation Branch
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N3
Take Note: If the individual in question has been deceased less than 20 years, only a limited amount of information will be provided. Proof of death & your relationship (you must be next of kin) to that person is required. If the individual in question has been deceased more than 20 years and did not die during their military service, proof of death is required.

Where would I find list of justices of peace early 1900 in simcoe county.

The Simcoe Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society have outstanding resources for much of this province and they are really sharp. Also, info is available on micorofilm from the Simcoe County Archives and covers the period 1876 to 1905 and is called the Vernon Directory. It is possibly available in book form from the library.

Friday, January 8, 1999

I am in England. Where can I find copies of the b,m,d registers of Niagara in 1780 and early 1790s. I know this area was ceded to the USA in 1797 but I think I have both a g-g-grandmother born there and her parents married there. The Mormons do not appear to have microfilms of these. Do they still exist? If I draw a blank there any lists of bmd regsietres elsewhere in Upper Canada available.

Note that Fort Niagara, which is on the east or American side of the Niagara River and therefore situated in New York State, was ceded to the Americans following the American Revolution in the 1770s. It didn't officially change hands until 1797. But nothing else was ceded. In fact, the War of 1812, in which the US invaded Canada, was fought and won by the British in defence of Niagara and Upper Canada. (Thanks to Mark McGarry!). If you're looking for information on the area that was ceded you would be seeking US records, not Canadian records. For Canadian Niagara info, please click here , as for Upper Canada registers, try the Eva Brook Donnelly Museum or the Toronto Reference Library

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Where would you look for the names of children born, in previous marraige between 1909-1920

Newspapers. Birth Records are not publicly available for this time period. Assuming you know the names of the parents (specifically the father's surname) and an approximate area of where they were living at that time, check all newspapers in that area for any child born with that surname. You might also look for an obituary for one or both parents in case the children were listed as pre-deceased or survivors.

2010 Update: Birth Records are now available up to 1912 (1913 in May 2011) and the 1911 census is also available.