Monday, February 7, 2000

What do the initials C.S.B. after the name of a woman on an Ontario tombstone mean???

Some possibilities are - 'Child Single Birth', 'Child Still Born', 'Children ?? Bethlehem'. If this woman died in the latter part of the 1900's it may refer to the Military's 'Civil Service Brigade'. This question has befuddled OntarioGenWeb, a library and several cemeteries!

I have a grandmother who was born in 1921 in Ontario Canada, but I don't know which town. I have her name and month/year (April 1921) of birth but that's it. I think she died in the early 1980s, but again do not know where. I'm not even sure where she is buried. Where can I get more information on her that may help me get further than her name?

For *any* suspected Ontario burials start with OCFA
[From Forebears Research] -- Buy her birth certificate from Thunder Bay. Then use the correct version of her name to try for marriage in Ohio, or check US border crossing films for her parents whose names will appear on her birth certificate. If she died in the US, search the SSDI.