Sunday, April 18, 1999

Is there a source for famine orphans, specifically those in indentured servitude where after a period of time (7 Years?) the individual was given land? Famine victim from Ireland o/a 1841-1846?

During that time period (actually from the last 1830's to the early 1900's) most immigrants were required to stop at an island in the St Lawrence river called Grosse Ile (part of the province of Quebec). During the famine period this quarantine island was their final resting place. Records of children orphaned on this island were well kept and can be found in several publications about this island. But being given land for indentured servitude is questionable. If the land was given by the person they were indentured to you may wish to check land records for transfer documents. I'm not aware of any program to provide famine orphans with free land. After 1826 Ontario limited free grants of land to Loyalist or Military/Militia claimants. Could try the petitions to Commissioner of Crown Lands of Ontario 1827-1756 [RG 1, Series C-I-1 at Archives of Ontario, MS 691.

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