Wednesday, November 17, 2004

i have been researching my family tree. i live in scotland and am having great difficulty finding any information on the where adouts of the family i have over there. i have an address from 1957 names but still seem to get no where. i was wondering if you could give me any tips as all the ones i have tried are failing my and i would really like to get in touch with anyone who could help.

Given the 1957 time frame you're up against a challenge - Canada has privacy laws that don't allow access to certain genealogy records. However there are places you can look. Start with the address & time period you have and become familiar with the resources available in that area. What libraries and genealogy societies there can help you? What is available at your local library or LDS family history centre (it's surprising how many don't check their local resources - you can always request material from other countries if it's been microfilmed!). Check newspapers, city directories, and phone directories where they lived. Put an advertisement in the newspaper of that area - if there are any family members still living there they might spot it. Check Canada411 to see if anyone by that name still lives in or near the area.

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