Saturday, August 26, 2000

I'm quite familiar with Vital Statistics in Ontario, however I have a question. My great-great-grandfather was married 29 May 1873 in Ontario. I have checked Vital Statistics for the marriage registration from 1869-1900 with every possible surname spelling and I can't find it. He was also married a second time in Ontario and I can't find it either. Could anyone explain why Marriages after 1869 wouldn't be in the Vital Statistics and where else I might look?

[From Suzanne Schaller] -- When the Ontario Vital Statistics records, which start in 1869, were microfilmed and indexed, the marriages from 1869-1873 were left out. The marriages on the microfilm start in 1873, so there is some overlap between them and the "forgotten" records. So for 1873 you need to check both! The earlier marriages have been indexed and published. The index is not on microfilm, but in a six-volume set of books available at many libraries in Ontario. It's not as easy to use, because you have to check all six books for each name. If you don't have access to the books, maybe someone can do a lookup for you. The name of the series is something like "Index to Ontario Marriage Registrations 1869-1873." Once you find a record in the index, the actual record can be ordered from the Archives of Ontario in Toronto, or through your Family History Center.

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