Sunday, March 19, 2000

Birth of a child whose parents never married due to the fact the father was already married,the child was given up for private adoption. Often childred look for the birth mother /father can it be done over the web How?

Considering the adoption mentioned was private it's highly unlikely you will find what you are seeking online unless you know the names of one or both birth parents. Adoption searches can be aided by the internet but the web should never be your only source. Your best bet would be to find an adoption specific website that goes into detail about this type of search. Start with Cyndi's List

[From Cathy] As a reunited mother, I can tell you that many of us do look. Yes it can be done on the web. The best place to go to is adoption reunion registries on the net. Here is the best one for Canadians - they have a very high success rate of approx 50 reunions a month - and they are free! Their database is searchable online and you can register yourself if you want to. Go here. Good luck (I always thought of my son often which most mothers do - now my reunion is wonderful and life is good!) If you need more help, please visit Looking In Ontario - loads of helpful advice and resources there - all free.

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